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Trainers :

Stéphane Viaud-Murat the founder of Mi4, marketing agency that has pioneered Inbound Marketing in France and is a HubSpot Certified Partner. Stéphane works on a daily basis with his team creating inbound marketing strategies for clients of all dimensions.  Stéphane's practical experience with inbound marketing will prove invaluable for your business, accelerating your learning curve and shortening your time to market.

What you will learn :

  • The essentials of inbound marketing
  • How to build traffic using SEO, blogging and social media
  • The best approaches to create effective content
  • Where to promote your content
  • How to turn your prospects into leads.. and then into customers
  • How to convert you clients into brand advocates for your company and your products

Structure of the course :

  • Interactive Workshops 
  • Case studies
  • Practical implementation
  • Getting started with HubSpot 
  • e-books


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